A. Sink – Grill

September 28, 2011 at 00:10


Repurposed Sink
Mr. Humberto Mijangos, a retired worker from the oil industry, transformed a kitchen sink into a charcoal grill. Due to the large number of benefits that it offers. Stainless steel makes an ideal material for kitchen sinks. It is flexible, resilient, and malleable. Apparently, Mr. Humberto Mijangos identified these characteristics as suitable for transformation.

The basic shape of the sink is a vessel. This is an easy invitation to make use of it. The flat edges at the top are crucial affordances since they allow the attachment of a lifting cooking grid through welded hinges. Because both sides of the sink are identical, this symmetry or balanced proportions make it simple for the repurposer to weld a metallic structure made of iron rods to it. As well, Mr. Humberto took advantage of a hole in the bottom of the sink by adding a removable cap for the ashes